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Egawa Paint Industry

~ Put your soul into painting ~

私たちの塗装: ようこそ!

About Egawa Paint Industry

Mainly in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture

We have been engaged in the painting industry for 24 years with customer satisfaction as our top priority.

Always keeping in mind the feeling of "painting your own house", we are lovingly constructing each house.

Customers are very pleased with the reliable painting technology that we have built up from many years of experience and the overwhelming conscientious price that can only be achieved by a sole proprietor.

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Paint Supplies

Antibacterial / antiviral interior painting

Paint that protects your precious family

Green Wall

Interior / floor painting

Painting the interior and floor of ordinary houses

House Painting

Exterior wall painting

New construction and remodeling of general housing


Roof painting

New roofs and remodeling of general houses


Waterproof paint

Aisles such as balconies and condominiums


Thermal barrier coating

Thermal barrier coating using special paint


Partial painting

Piping, ducts, mechanical equipment, playset, etc.

Painter at Work

Commercial facility painting

Painting of commercial facilities such as offices and factories

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Contact Us

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