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Thermal barrier coating

Comfortable by suppressing the rise in room temperature even on hot days!
Also for measures against global warming and heat island.

We are doing thermal barrier coating work using special paint.
By using a special paint, the heat shield rate is dramatically improved.

Eco-friendly is possible.

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What are the benefits of repainting with heat-shielding paint?

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High-spec heat-shielding paint,
Features of Thermo Eye.

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"Improved reflection performance with total coating film"

Conventional heat-shielding paints are generally top-coated only or intermediate-coated and top-coated.

However, the former has the problem of relying only on the topcoat for reflection performance, while the latter has an increase of one process.

There was a problem that it puts a load on the cost and construction period.

[Undercoat] Started development of sealer primer with reflective performance.

By using heat-shielding technology for the undercoat, we succeeded in improving the heat-shielding performance in the same process as before.

[Topcoat] A new pigment technology "infrared transmission color mixing" is used for the topcoat paint.

Not only has the heat-shielding performance of the topcoat improved, but it also minimizes the absorption of infrared rays that cannot be reflected by the topcoat layer.

By making it transparent, the heat shielding effect of the undercoat is maximized.


"Surface film formation of sealer"

[Film-forming property] We have developed an undercoat material that has film-forming property and reflective performance for both sealers and primers.

In particular, the film-forming property of the sealer is superior to that of the conventional type penetration type sealer in terms of both adhesion and surface solidification, which contributes to improving the finish of the topcoat.

[Suction suppression] Furthermore, even in the case of a slate base material in which the resin component is easily sucked in, the film-forming property of the sealer suppresses the suction of the resin, so that the suction of the topcoat is suppressed and sufficient coating performance can be exhibited. It was.


"It is possible to maintain heat insulation performance for a long period of time."

Since the hue is greatly related to the heat-shielding performance, the heat-shielding performance may deteriorate due to stains on the coating film or changes in the hue. Thermoeye protects the roof from these factors and can maintain heat insulation performance for a long period of time.

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