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Flow to construction

--Total support--

From consultation to after-sales follow-up for customers to be constructed

We will meet the needs of our customers with reliable total support!

We will respond free of charge from consultation to a rough estimate.

We will support you in an easy-to-understand manner even if you are thinking about construction for the first time.



First of all, from consultation

If you have any concerns about the outer wall / roof,

Please feel free to contact us.

For example ...

  • The painted part is dirty and peeled off, so I want you to repaint it cleanly.

  • The rain leak is terrible so please check

  • The wall is cracked and I want to repair it



Confirmation of the requested part

We will visually check on-site based on the customer's request.
We will carefully and carefully diagnose even the parts that customers cannot usually see, such as roofs and gable boards.



In-depth discussions and suggestions / quotations

After investigating the site, we will talk with the customer and determine the direction of construction.
Based on the content of the meeting, we will submit a proposal and a quotation for the actual construction.



This contract

If you are satisfied with the contents of the quotation, we will make a final confirmation of the construction contents and make a contract.

Also it determines for the period and the payment method of construction.



Greetings to the neighborhood

During the construction period, noise and odors will cause considerable inconvenience to the neighborhood.
In order to prevent troubles with the neighborhood, we will greet the neighbors with the consent of the customer one week before the construction.




Set up scaffolding and put up a mesh sheet.
It may be necessary to move the holding to secure the scaffolding space (we will respond if instructed)
If you have any important flowers or plants, please let us know in advance.



High pressure cleaning

Use a high pressure washer to remove dirt that has accumulated over the years.
This work is an important work in the painting work. Take time to wash carefully.
If there is a part other than the building that you are interested in, we will be happy to respond.




We will cure the unpainted parts and the parts that should not get dirty with vinyl. From the 3rd to the 5th, the windows will not be able to be opened or closed because the windows will be covered with vinyl.
Please let us know in advance if there are windows you want to open or close, such as toilets and bathrooms. Make the air conditioner and ventilation fan ready for use.



Base treatment, rust preventive coating

We repair the base of the outer wall and paint the iron part to prevent rust.
In the case of mortar walls, if there are cracks repaired or the paint film is raised, plastering repairs and repair blowing will be performed.
In the case of siding, the joints between the boards and the sealing around the sash are replaced. Depending on the state of deterioration, it is done before high pressure cleaning.
Clean the rusted parts of the iron part firmly, and apply rust preventive paint exactly so that the iron part lasts a long time.
No matter how good the finish is, it will not last long unless this groundwork is done properly.




We will perform the optimum undercoating according to the material and condition.
This work is an important work that not only improves the adhesion with the topcoat, but also affects the finish.
Do it firmly and carefully so that there is no unpainted residue.

Painter at Work


Middle coat, top coat

Apply the same paint twice. You can make a long-lasting coating film by applying it three times to the details.
It's good if it's beautiful when applied. Instead, think about 10 years from now, and apply 3 times firmly, and depending on the condition, apply 4 times.



Iron part painting work

We paint other than the outer walls such as gutters and shutters.
As with the outer wall, apply twice firmly so that there is no unpainted residue.



Painting inspection, scaffold dismantling

As soon as the painting is finished, we will inspect it in the presence of the customer, and after the painting is completed, we will dismantle the scaffolding.
Even if the customer is not present, we will take responsibility for handling it.



Cleaning, final check

After dismantling the scaffolding, we will clean it, move the luggage, and make a final check of the painted parts.



Delivery, after-sales service

If there is no problem in the final check, it will be handed over.
You may be concerned about the construction method and finish, such as on the roof that customers cannot see.
Egawa Paint Industry will submit the photos before and after painting at the time of delivery.
And after-sales service.
Hand over, not "yes, the end".
It is meaningless if the paint film is turned over in 3 or 5 years.
I think that our painting starts from here.
Egawa Paint Industry has been inspecting for one to three years.

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