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Antibacterial / antiviral

Interior painting

For your loved ones

Also for the new coronavirus!
In order to protect the lives and health of your precious family, we propose to repaint your room with plaster paint, a natural material that feels the old-fashioned warmth.
It is also recommended for those who have allergies.
Sterilization rate of 90% or more! You can sterilize by repainting.
You can create your favorite space with abundant 126 colors and painting variations such as design finish.

抗菌・抗ウイルス 室内塗装: Service

Safe and comfortable to paint on the wall

A new common sense in a comfortable space.

Paint on the wall. Just that
To a space freed from the worries of mold, odor, and viruses.
Let's repaint the common sense of a comfortable space with Ares Chicui.

抗菌・抗ウイルス 室内塗装: ようこそ!

Features of Ares Chicui

Ares Chicui is a natural paint derived from "plaster" (slaked lime) that has been used since ancient times in Japan.
We will provide three new common senses that make the space comfortable by maximizing the various functions of "plaster".


"Various functions to reduce worries"

-Ideal for humid Japanese climate-Humidity control function derived from plaster-

In Japan, where the humidity is high, not only is it damp and uncomfortable, but there are also problems such as condensation and mold.

In particular, mold is a troublesome thing that induces not only odor but also corrosion of buildings.

A wall painted with Ares Chicui has the function of absorbing and releasing the humidity in the room.

It keeps the humidity in the room balanced and keeps you comfortable.

This humidity control function and the strong alkalinity that is a characteristic of "plaster" can also suppress the growth of mold.

-Reduces unpleasant odors in the space and has a reliable deodorant function-

There are various odors in the environment in which people live.

There are many odors that give people an unpleasant impression, such as pets, cigarettes, toilets, and odors of garbage.

Walls painted with Ares Chicui have the function of adsorbing and purifying these unpleasant odors.

In addition to living rooms and toilets, Ares Chicui is recommended for places where odors are a concern, such as various facilities and stores.

I'm sure it will create a cozy space.


"For anti-virus measures. A sense of security that goes one step further."

-A virus inactivating function that makes you happy in your future life-

Ares Sicky is also effective against viruses that are finer than fungi.

Since it can inactivate the virus attached to the wall, it is an interior paint suitable for future life.

-Antibacterial and antifungal function that maintains a hygienic space-

Children can touch different parts and carry various germs from their hands to their mouths.

The walls of Ares Chicui are due to the antibacterial function of plaster.

You can live with peace of mind because it suppresses the growth of bacteria and mold that adhere to the walls.

Since the cause of sick house syndrome is also adsorbed and decomposed, it creates a hygienic and safe living space that is kind to people.


"Make the space brighter"

-The natural texture and color of "plaster"-

Ares Chicui is characterized by its natural texture and gentle color.

With a moist and matte texture, it creates a high-quality space.

-Reflects light softly to give a bright and gentle impression-

Since slaked lime, which is the main component of Ares Chicui, is porous, it has the effect of diffusely reflecting light.

The walls painted with Ares Chicui reflect light softly in various directions, so

It gives a gentle and bright impression to the space.


Ares Chicui material

The "stucco wall" derived from slaked lime has been protecting Japanese houses for a long time with various functions.
Ares Chicui is a plaster paint suitable for modern life that allows the functions of naturally derived plaster to be incorporated into the space without advanced plastering techniques.


"Natural material, plaster"

-What is "slaked lime" which is the raw material of plaster?

The main ingredient of plaster is slaked lime.

Slaked lime is a white powder obtained by calcining and digesting limestone mined from the ground.

This brings the function that contributes to the health and environment of plaster.

In addition, Japan has abundant limestone and is one of the few resources that can be produced domestically.

Ares Chicui is consistently domestically produced from raw materials to manufacturing.

~ The origin of limestone is coral reef ~

Limestone before slaked lime was born from coral.

Coral takes in carbon dioxide in the sea together with symbiotic microorganisms,

It has the property of forming a calcareous (calcium) skeleton.

Coral reefs that were on the seabed more than 250 million years ago were uplifted by crustal movements.

It is believed that the land became a lime vein.


"Paints that do not cause odor when applied"

-"Ares Chicui" is safe and secure without worrying about odors-

For those who are concerned about the odor of the paint itself when applying the paint.

Ares Chicui does not contain any VOC (volatile organic compounds) that cause odor peculiar to paints.

You can use it without feeling any discomfort due to odor.

Since the cause of sick house syndrome is also adsorbed and decomposed, it creates a hygienic and safe living space that is kind to people.

-Environmentally friendly. CO2 adsorption and decomposition to improve the environment

Calcium hydroxide, which is a component of Ares Chicui, adsorbs CO2 and decomposes it.

The film that forms when the paint dries,

It takes in carbon dioxide in the air into the coating film for a long period of time and contributes to CO2 reduction.

Using materials brought about by the blessings of the earth, by CO2 reduction effect

A paint that is friendly to the global environment and can help improve the environment.

(Aressikui 1㎡ absorbs CO2 contained in about 83,000 liters of air (equivalent to the amount of air in a room of 20 tatami mats).)


"Building friendly"

~ Condensation suppression function ~

High humidity environment causes corrosion of building materials and mold.

It not only damages human health, but also causes damage to homes and buildings.

The walls of Ares Chicui absorb moisture in the room due to the porous structure of slaked lime.

In addition, because it has the function of releasing moisture, it has the function of maintaining the balance of indoor humidity and suppressing dew condensation.

Stucco, a traditional material that has been handed down in Japan since ancient times, is a building-friendly material that protects important houses from moisture.

~ Fireproof certified material ~

Slaked lime, which is the main component of plaster, is an inorganic substance and a nonflammable substance.

Since the component of Ares Chicui is also slaked lime, it is recognized for its fire resistance.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism fire prevention certified material NM-8572, QM-9812, RM-9361 (organic sand wall paint coating) compliant product


\ Paint with Ares Chicui /

Reference cost feeling


Actually, we will make an estimate according to the conditions such as the size of the space and the finish.


Children's room

6 tatami room: 40㎡ (wall and ceiling)

200,000 yen (tax included)


The bedroom

10 tatami room: Approximately 55 m2 (walls and ceiling)

250,000 yen (tax included)



20 tatami room: Approximately 110㎡ (walls and ceiling)

400,000 yen (tax included)

  • The above are estimated costs (material costs, wages, overhead costs). Expenses will vary depending on the room conditions. Please note.

  • Room openings (unpainted areas) are not excluded.

  • 1 tatami mat is calculated with reference to the size between Chukyo.

Purple Wall

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抗菌・抗ウイルス 室内塗装: お見積もり
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