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Egawa Paint Industry is engaged in painting remodeling and renovation painting of general houses, commercial facilities, public facilities, etc.
We are also focusing on antibacterial and antiviral indoor coating and thermal barrier coating.

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Don't lose to Corona!

The lowest pricein the area!

Roof / outer wall / silicone coating

480,000 yen (tax included)

* Limited to 2 buildings per month

* Less than 30 tsubo

* Roof wall eaves painting, temporary scaffolding, scattering net, cleaning, curing included (painting of accessories will be required separately)

* As a measure against corona, antibacterial coating is also applied indoors (painting is OK from the top of the cloth).

Interior painting is an extra charge.

* 5% off for official YouTube channel subscribers of Egawa Paint Industry!

Ares Chicui

All items

30% OFF

Protect your family and home with Ares Chicui, an antibacterial and antiviral paint!

We support the building of a house that is competitive with Corona, and we are implementing 30% off all products.

Antibacterial / antiviral interior painting

Also for the new coronavirus!

In order to protect the lives and health of your precious family, we propose to repaint your room with plaster paint, a natural material that feels the old-fashioned warmth.

It is also recommended for those who have allergies.

Sterilization rate of 90% or more! You can sterilize by repainting.

[Reference amount] From 200,000 yen

Interior / floor painting

We are painting the interior and floor of ordinary houses.
We use safe paint that is harmless to humans.

[Reference amount] Indoor 800 yen / ㎡ ~

Floor 1,800 yen / ㎡ ~

Exterior wall painting

We are constructing new general houses and remodeling exterior walls.
In particular, the theme of remodeling is "more enjoyable homes" than new construction.

The paint uses "SK KAKEN's premium silicon," which is a higher-grade material than others.

[Reference amount] 3 coats from 2,200 yen / ㎡

(Undercoat 600 yen / ㎡ ~)

(Intermediate coating 800 yen / ㎡ ~)

(Top coat 800 yen / ㎡ ~)

If you need a scaffold, the floor area is 30 tsubo, 2 stories, 150,000 yen ~

Waterproof paint

We are doing waterproof painting work on the parts necessary for waterproofing such as passages in balconies and condominiums.

[Reference amount] 2,500 yen / ㎡ ~

Residential balcony waterproofing work FRP waterproofing work 7,500 yen / ㎡ ~

※ amount of money will change by the FRP of the state.

Thermal barrier coating

We are doing thermal barrier coating work using special paint.
By using a special paint, the heat shield rate is significantly improved and it is possible to be eco-friendly.

[Reference amount] 2,400 yen / ㎡ ~

Partial painting

We perform partial painting work on piping, ducts, mechanical equipment, playset, etc.

[Reference amount] 800 yen / ㎡ ~

Commercial facility painting

We are painting commercial facilities such as offices and factories.
It is possible to paint shutters, facilities, roofs, etc.

[Reference amount] 1,800 yen / ㎡ ~

Caulking replacement

The outer wall siding board and the seam between the boards are made of sealing material (caulking material).

We are working on filling it.

[Reference amount] 800 yen / m ~

* We will provide a service (free of charge) when requesting painting.

Booklet exchange

We are exchanging aluminum booklet windows for general houses and offices.

Replacing the booklet has the effect of preventing dew condensation and improving the heat insulation of the room.

* Please contact us directly for old folk house style remodeling.

[Reference amount] From 50,000 yen

Remodeling in general

We are doing general remodeling work for general houses and offices.

"I want to get rid of the wall between the living room and the dining room."
"I want to make it face-to-face so that I can see the living room from the kitchen."
"I want to have the same wood-grained kitchen door as the wood-grained living room."
"I want to install a dishwasher and a water purifier."

Please leave it to us for general reforms other than painting! !!

To you who thought that the quotation of other companies was high

Please feel free to contact us!

We will make it even a little cheaper m (* _ _) m


What is the secret of cheapness?

Please try by holding the mouse.

I will do the painting work myself

This is because labor costs can be cut!

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Purple Wall

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